Sunday, December 23, 2012


 How can you go somewhere, if haven't been somewhere? How can you do something if you haven't done anything? Experience counts for a lot. Otherwise you are just being academic. Without any practical experience they are just thoughts and imaginations.

They may be based on reality, good fiction usually is.  Of course they will have an impact on a weak mind. They believe fiction is totally true.

Someone who is not willing to go somewhere, someone who is looking for an excuse not to go, someone who wants to hear no or not to go, some people call that being accountable. They gather together to do nothing but what they have been doing for ages, thinking they got it right finally, and go nowhere. After all they finally got it right, know the way, and encourage others to do the same. That sounds like a click to me. That sounds like some social club. That is perfectly alright with me but to me that sounds like bondage. I want to be, I need to be free from the chains that bind me.

Some people believe if I were free that I will fall into sin, or some trap. Well I don’t have a problem if they feel that way for them, but I have a Savior and a Deliverer Jesus Christ. Don’t you wish everybody did? What I can’t deal with is people who don’t have a Savior and Deliverer and feel that they have to be my Savior and Deliverer. Get a life!

Some people talk about what they would like to do but don't ever do it. And they probably never had any intention of doing it. Later in life they often remark, "If I had my life to live over again I would do things differently." Their lives are full of regrets. Well recently I regret some things like having children and grandchildren. When remarking to myself I would say, “I would be rich and have no need of them.” My buddy said that they are crumb snatchers and never had any children of his own in spite of his mothers complaints.
But like they would say in Church they say if wasn’t for my children and divorces, I would not have the beautiful, faithful, help meets that I had  and have. I don’t know if this old sayings fits exactly here but here it goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Do they say that in Church?

I remember a couple of guy's I knew at work, who would sit around and talk about what they wanted to do. I took it to heart and believed them. But then one of the guys came up to me some time later and said, "We talk about doing things but you actually do them!" I never understood that type of thinking. I have done a lot of things that sounded good to me, and some of them may have been bad according to others, but I was driven to do so. I have no regrets, never have, and I appreciate all the things I have been able to do and experience. Okay, back to Church. They have made me into the person I am today. And I have precious memories I'll never forget. Some of them I can't share with others because they have issues.

What is a consequence anyway? Some people live in fear of consequences. As if consequences are bad. They don't want to suffer consequences. Well that may be what they say, but it is not what they really believe. They have suffered many a consequences like I have. Now, they don't want others to suffer like they suffered (or liked), or other consequences. I ask you, is that really fair? Obviously the consequences they faced were worth whatever benefit they may or may not have received. Otherwise they would not have done it.

Why all of a sudden are they tormented by their consequences? Why are they all of a sudden on a band wagon to stop consequences? We used to teach that we learn from our mistakes. We were taught that misery loves company. Maybe that is why I don’t have much company. Maybe it is because I learned so many old sayings. We try to be there for them when they fail. Or we watched
to see if they could recover on their own, stand on their own feet, become independent. Now, some people teach fear instead, dependency, and they are connected by their navel’s in an unhealthy codependency.

As a computer programmer I was able to use my skills and confidence in recovering from consequences. To be good at writing programs you have to be able to get into trouble, stay calm and collective under fire, to get out of trouble successfully, and to get into trouble with your boss for being successful.


Each time you made a code change you suffered consequences, it would not work. After many attempts of trial and error you finally end up with a program that runs successfully. I could not have become a programmer if I was not willing to suffer consequences, if I could not handle error, if I could not handle criticism. It was the most stressful job I ever had in my life. But since High School all to be is a computer programmer and I got promoted to it. 

Consequences, consequences, and there are more consequences. There are good consequences and there bad consequences. You have to take the good with the bad. It was hard on my mental health, as consequence, but it was good financially and for my wife too who became a computer programmer as a good consequence. There was plenty of travel for me anywhere I wanted to go on the U.S. continent.  She used to be in the computer staying after class with me while I played with the computer. This was 1971.

What makes it so ironic is that these same people understand that you will suffer consequences if you do good or bad. And they think they know what is good or bad. So they get on a band wagon to keep others away from certain things. Even when the things they are trying to steer others from, they have done, and it worked out for good for them! I don't get it. Why are they making such a big deal about it.

It seems like there may be 1000 things that are not approved of but they harp about only 10. And these 10 things are usually not approved of by the media. If one of the other 990 becomes approved of by the media, they won’t openly discuss it negatively. And to some, they now become acceptable to them also. They say things like, "Oh, I never thought of them like that before. Let's invite them in and treat them like the media say's to treat them." And they are not even concerned about those consequences.

I discussed this with a Band Wagoner who understood what I said, and agreed with me. But he still could not get off the band wagon. Someone in his accountability group gave him a job to do. And no one else wanted to do it. And they give him plenty of encouragement. I guess he does not think there will be any consequences for his current behavior, either to himself or those he is trying to influence. Or perhaps he is doing it in spite of the consequences because he thinks he is doing good and not bad. I asked him if he felt like a hypocrite teaching others not to do what he did? He said a little.

He said he has already seen some changes in others. One person said they are not going to ever do something. I felt so sorry for that person. That person now has a fear that was not there before. That person may miss out on opportunities because of fears. I have talked to people who are still in therapy over the age of forty, with seemingly no hope for recovery, because of fears someone else laid on them.

I finally told this friend of mine that any preacher who is worth a hill of beans, is someone who suffered consequences, and overcame them. Who was not afraid to experience life, to take it by the horns, to do the wrong thing while trying to do the right thing. They can now relate to a whole lot of people. They are just one of us. They don't just present information they have memorized without really understanding what it is all about. They can talk about what they have lived.

It is one thing to hear someone describe the taste of a lemon who read about lemons and saw pictures of lemons. It is a totally different thing to hear someone describe the taste of a lemon who has eaten them for years. Now lemons are good, how much more so can this same person describe what he or she went through and no longer has to, than the person who heard or read about it. Hey, all I had to do was and sugar to my lemonade.

Who is more grateful, the person who no longer has to, or the person who never did? The person with precious memories or the one with regrets for what they haven't done? The person who has little to be forgiven for has little to be thankful or grateful for. The person who has a lot to be forgiven for has a lot to be thankful or grateful for. Because they can look back and see the mercy's of God throughout their whole lives.

They enjoyed their lives. They now have joy because God has healed all the wounds of the past, and they see them in a different light. Perhaps they have even been a servant of the LORD unawares, and were being prepared to serve Him even now.

They have an understanding that can only be acquired through experience. They are lemon eaters, and other lemon eaters can shout and rejoice with them, for they truly know, and understand, and, have a lot to be grateful and thankful for.

Not only are that, but a lot of the things we experienced, whether seemingly bad or not, we have good memories that we can enjoy the rest of our lives, and share with others. The LORD has truly been gracious and kind to us. He told us not to do it, we could not help but do it anyway, and he never left us. And yes, sometimes we had to suffer consequences.

So I told my friend, it is not avoiding consequences that gets us in, it is being born again. If you are not born again then there is a consequence you really need to be concerned about. If you are not born again, and you avoid every consequence, you will end up in the "Lake Of Fire" for eternity. Maybe you should emphasize that.

Here is poem I wrote about avoiding consequences:

There was this chicken, who so wanted to fly
Who for hours on end, would stare at the sky
Even a long after, the birds had passed by

Who told chicken friends, this is what I will try
They said if you jump, you are going to die
Undaunted and on the roof, was going to a try

There was no one else around, to be there and deny
There was no one there to stop, his determination to fly
Success, success, like the birds was not shy.
Exclaiming the entire flight, nothing fails but a try

At Church the next Sunday, it was time to testify
The other chickens became so happy, some even started to cry
The choir sang the song, "Lord, please don't pass me by"
The preacher so inspired preached, "You can make if you try"

Some ran down the isles as if they could fly
One rolled on the floor, no shame and not shy

There were some pew warmers, that didn't want to pry
Just sitting there a watching as all of this went by
There were a few without a clue, just wondering why

The organist played that tune, the one sure to satisfy
Not want to hinder or to nullify
Oh the joy and what a feeling, that lifted them on high
They had good Church that morning, nobody can deny

But alas the service was over, and they had to say good bye
Even though the risk paid off, even time of testify
No one else went near the barn, no one else wanted to try

Each Sunday they enjoy the service, they go and that is why
But to take a risk at flying, they will not even try
For deep within their hearts, they don't really want to fly
Flying is too risky, perhaps someone told them why
The price of possible failure, for them is much too high
To them it is good to be a chicken, and it's better to deny

80 million years ago? Melancholy Baby


Once upon a time, not so long ago
I wanted to go to the movies
But my parents could not afford the Moving Pictures
So I stopped asking.

I wanted to go outside and play with the guys
You see I have four sisters
I had to be there for my sisters my parents said
I could go out every once and a while and play street ball.
People ask me why I don’t like sports
So I stopped asking.

I wanted a water gun
It was not that my mom was against violence in any way
I did not ask her that
I never thought to
It was a different time 80 million years ago
Kids ran around with toy guns
Poor kids used their index finger
Now only rich kids can play with guns on their computers
I stopped  asking why.

But I said Mom a water gun only cost a dime
She said I don’t have a dime
I grew out of the stage where I would then tell her
Just write a check
She would not answer.

We had conversations for days
But it still ended up she did not have a dime
So I stopped asking.

Now I am 59 years old
I can stand the pain
Instead it feels pretty damn good
I am used to it by now
It lets me know I am alive
It used to take a lot more than that
So please stop asking!